Filter Your Water-Ditch the Smell

Filter Your Water-Ditch the Smell

Schedule water filtration system services in Middlebury, IN

Imagine waking up one morning to find that your water smells like rotten eggs. It would mean that your water contained high amounts of sulfur. Luckily, Water Works Services LLC offers a water filtration system in Middlebury, IN that can pull out the unwanted sulfur. The water filtration system installation will eliminate the egg smell and get your water back to normal.

If your water is coming out orange, it could indicate that the water contains large amounts of iron and that you'll need professional assistance. Our water filtration system will also remove iron and other minerals. Contact us at 260-585-7454 to schedule a water filtration system installation today.

Don't live with sulfur in your water

Sulfur in your water can make it smell bad, but it can also cause other issues. Get the sulfur filtered ASAP because:

  • It can erode some metals found in appliances
  • The smells could remain even after being filtered out
  • Bacteria is attracted to it, which could make you sick

Our water filters are available for purchase or rent. Once installed, they require no maintenance and last up to 10 years. Call now to see if our water filtration system is right for you.